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Well, it has happened. is now a fully operational battle station. Prepare yourselves.

Before I digress, which I am known to do, let me start off by giving some credit and handing out some thanks. This would not have happened without you all. You know who you are. Thank you. The new site would not be in existance without Buttars, if you run into him, give him a hug and buy him a beer. HUGE thank yous to the veterans out there who have kept this afloat in times of trouble and triumph...I have personal things to say to you that will have to wait until we have a face to face.

At the pokercache party on September 19 I would really like to take a bit of all of your time and preach a little about "the game". We'll see, I will probably just get drunk and cry a lot.

SO. Go to the site. Familiarize yourself. It is different than the one we play on now but can do all of the things we do now AND MUCH MUCH MORE. You will need to create an account. It is free and always will be for players. I realize some of you have already been in and have looked around but it is time for everyone to come on board. Texting from a phone to the site works. E-mailing too. There is a great forum feature that we can all cache ourselves in as well. This site is still in beta. It is not finished so now is the time to see if we can break it.

For now, play around. Posting "real" caches is not off limits but I think it might serve us better to get really comfortable with the new toy before we go "live". Post pictures of your cats and dogs. Go to the forum and talk about bikes. Have fun.

LOVE to you all. -A. Mortician

Friday, January 30, 2009


Two views from the same spot, hope I didn't make it too easy!  Had to camouflage the Cache pretty well for fear of non-players looting.  You can get VERY close on bike, but do have to do a wee bit of scrambling to get to the exact spot.  Have fun!

Cache one, prepped for deployment

                                                       The  Cache
                                                       The Key

Ready to play?  As soon as I can get out on my bike, I will post today's photo.  This is NOT the photo, right?  Do NOT come to my house and look in my curtains for a brown bag and church key.  I am going to set it free as soon as the kids are in school and I've purchased some fruit and sliced meat from the Grocery (and maybe a can of lowly sardines to enjoy with the last of Sierra Nevada's Celebration ale).  Once you have found the Cache and Key, post a comment or contact us by phone, email, pigeon or owl (if you are still into the Wizarding ways).  Snap a shot of you or even just the Key at the location you found it, we will post you up.  Now you have the Key and are obliged to stash again.  Still working out the posting on that, maybe we could post a heads up on Velocache, while you post on your site, hmmm, we will work that out later.  Alright, enough blather, keep watching, see you later.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

photo velo

This is our diversion to keep our asses in the saddle, share some secret spots and discover new perspectives of our beautiful city. Here's how it works: pick a spot to stash the cache (in this case a politically correct re-purposed bicycle chain bottle opener: the "key"). Take a picture from the exact location of your cache. It may be as obscure as you can dream, or in the spirit of "Velo", a more well-known spot to keep the race for the prize quick. The key should be planted (buried, insinuated, camouflaged, etc) in the same spot the picture was taken, thus when a Velocache participant finds the key, they will be standing on the site of your unique perspective, secret spot, state of mind?, etc. Anyone who spies the post may participate, and the game begins at the time of posting. Feel free to add any treasures to the cache as you see fit. Obviously these photos/finds must be obtained from a bicycle-centric viewpoint right? RIGHT?!!! Oh yeah, new blog