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Well, it has happened. is now a fully operational battle station. Prepare yourselves.

Before I digress, which I am known to do, let me start off by giving some credit and handing out some thanks. This would not have happened without you all. You know who you are. Thank you. The new site would not be in existance without Buttars, if you run into him, give him a hug and buy him a beer. HUGE thank yous to the veterans out there who have kept this afloat in times of trouble and triumph...I have personal things to say to you that will have to wait until we have a face to face.

At the pokercache party on September 19 I would really like to take a bit of all of your time and preach a little about "the game". We'll see, I will probably just get drunk and cry a lot.

SO. Go to the site. Familiarize yourself. It is different than the one we play on now but can do all of the things we do now AND MUCH MUCH MORE. You will need to create an account. It is free and always will be for players. I realize some of you have already been in and have looked around but it is time for everyone to come on board. Texting from a phone to the site works. E-mailing too. There is a great forum feature that we can all cache ourselves in as well. This site is still in beta. It is not finished so now is the time to see if we can break it.

For now, play around. Posting "real" caches is not off limits but I think it might serve us better to get really comfortable with the new toy before we go "live". Post pictures of your cats and dogs. Go to the forum and talk about bikes. Have fun.

LOVE to you all. -A. Mortician

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well here I go again right?

I have been thinking a lot lately, (as I am one to do) and what I have come up with is a number of things.

-Since the "big change" (and for those of you coming in late, go back to the old posts) the game has morphed a bit. I think that the most noticeable change is that it got a lot harder for everyone to play. It got harder to hide because you had to find one first. It got harder to find because the ones that have been hidden have been hidden very, very well. I would like to tweak that a bit.

-Since the "big change" the contents of the caches have become MUCH more constrained because they had to fit into the "tubes". (insert eye rolling, "no *%$# sherlock", or possibly a "duh" here) I also am ready to change this as well.

-FINALLY (and I think the worst part of the change) was that some creativity was lost. I take that the hardest and accept that my experiment sucked the wind out of things a bit. I really do apologize. It was an experiment and the results are in.

I could go into (and I did but just erased it) why the change happened at all. I will bore you no longer with my digressions and latitudes. SO, with that all said, here is what I have in mind.

1. You are now free to deploy anytime you wish as long as the cache is in a reusable container of some sort. It does not have to be re-used by the finder but must be able to be if they wanted to.
a. each container must have 3 things.
i. it must say velocache upon it.
ii. it must have the website url upon it:
iii. it must say (politely) "please leave alone if not playing".
b. think outside of the box. think small. think big. think handmade. think store bought. think CREATIVE.
c. the stuff inside the caches needs to be a competition of coolness. I will let you figure that out yourselves.
2. You no longer have to find one in order to hide one but you should try.
3. If you have or find a tube, keep using them. They hold ice and beverages very well and a lot of care (and money) went into creating them.
4. Hide them well. The main reason we lose caches is because they are out in the open. Good pictures show us the spot. Keep the perspectives in mind.
5. To all the newbies, lurkers, and introverts: your time is now. we are all out of weird crap to hide, show us your treasures.

I have nothing else to say. game on.


  1. Thank you Very much watch out here we come!

  2. Bout fuckin time! See you all out there sukaz... BeeR-BikeS-BbQz

  3. I would expect no less of a response from you Mr. P.