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Well, it has happened. is now a fully operational battle station. Prepare yourselves.

Before I digress, which I am known to do, let me start off by giving some credit and handing out some thanks. This would not have happened without you all. You know who you are. Thank you. The new site would not be in existance without Buttars, if you run into him, give him a hug and buy him a beer. HUGE thank yous to the veterans out there who have kept this afloat in times of trouble and triumph...I have personal things to say to you that will have to wait until we have a face to face.

At the pokercache party on September 19 I would really like to take a bit of all of your time and preach a little about "the game". We'll see, I will probably just get drunk and cry a lot.

SO. Go to the site. Familiarize yourself. It is different than the one we play on now but can do all of the things we do now AND MUCH MUCH MORE. You will need to create an account. It is free and always will be for players. I realize some of you have already been in and have looked around but it is time for everyone to come on board. Texting from a phone to the site works. E-mailing too. There is a great forum feature that we can all cache ourselves in as well. This site is still in beta. It is not finished so now is the time to see if we can break it.

For now, play around. Posting "real" caches is not off limits but I think it might serve us better to get really comfortable with the new toy before we go "live". Post pictures of your cats and dogs. Go to the forum and talk about bikes. Have fun.

LOVE to you all. -A. Mortician

Saturday, August 1, 2009

252 missing

If you got it and you're playing, the picture is for you. notify somebody! If it was a poacher and they're reading this, the picture is still for you. I hope you get horrifying, malignant ass-cancer.
Leil Cardoza.


  1. Maybe you should have read a little was posted as found on wed. july 29

  2. um, I would be a little careful about telling people what they should or should not do. Sometimes things slip through the cracks around here. Wino knows that. What would have been really nice is if some one would have e-mailed or posted that #252 was still up on the board "in play" and that it needed to be taken care of. The people that do that are Wino and myself. It is not automatic. Feel Leil's pain, be compassionate and carry on. That is all.

  3. Sorry if that came off as rude. However I was just saying that if he had read a bit further before heading out he may have seen it was found. There's so many caches flowing through now that I can imagine it's really hard to keep up. I've just been going along with the:


  4. yep. that is the best policy. always.

  5. I forgot the third option: if you found it and it was posted, then the picture is for me. That's what I get for going backpacking.